ikh_logo Founded in 2002 and located in Athens, iKnowHow provides custom-built automation and robotics solutions to industry and software solutions to the public and private sector. They acquire data - even in harsh environments - communicate, store and process it to produce insights and present them in a responsive and intuitive manner. iKnowHow’s tailor-made services culminate in cyber-physical systems where the physical and computational elements are intertwined to augment human capabilities. It is an engineering consultancy employing its expertise in service robotics, machine learning, and data intelligence to offer tailor made solutions across industry functions and markets.





Founded in 2019, Umnai is a deep-tech start-up building the next generation of fully eXplainable AI (XAI). Our  vision is focused on building a collaborative AI eco-system that enables transparency and two-way collaboration between AI and human users.. UMNAI’s enabling technology provides real-time human and system agency over AI outputs creating the ability to precisely identify, assess and resolve potentially undesirable outcomes using common workflow and programming techniques.
With full observability of the precise purpose and function of each node in the model, our eco-system provides the tools needed to diagnose, understand, monitor and intelligently improve AI models with precision and fidelity of purpose.  



Carell SA

Carell SA

Carell was founded in 1955 and Carell is positioned as one of the most prominent Maritime Solution Providers in Southern Europe. Their main departments are divided into Maritime Drydockings and Afloat Ship Repairs, Advanced Mechanical Engineering for Maritime as well as Renewables Energy Applications.